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  • Are you wearing a cashmere sweater? The correct way to teach you to wear cashmere sweaters

    Cashmere, the luxury fabric exclusive to the aristocracy in ancient times, not only because of the preciousness of this fabric, but also because of its wearing and washing. Nowadays, the purity and production process of “soft gold” are getting more and more high, and the wearing and maintenance should be more elaborate.

  • Learn about cashmere sweaters

    Cashmere sweater is a garment made of cashmere. According to the yarn category, it can be divided into two types: woollen knitting and worsted knitting. According to the proportion of raw materials, it can be divided into pure cashmere and cashmere blend. Most of the popular models are "v" collar pullovers, cardigans, round neck pullovers and so on. It has natural colors such as white, blue and purple of cashmere itself, and can also be dyed. It feels soft, silky, shiny, warm and comfortable to wear.

  • How to properly wash cashmere sweaters

    Cashmere sweaters must be cleaned and placed in the closet when they are not worn in spring or summer. If they are easily washed by insects without being cleaned, what is the correct washing method for cashmere sweaters?

  • How to save cashmere sweaters?

    The method of saving in a cashmere sweater is as follows: When wearing cashmere products, be careful to keep them clean. Cashmere underwear should be gently beaten to remove dust. The cashmere jacket can be gently brushed with a soft brush to clean the dust in the direction of the hair. It can also remove the dust and prevent the aphid from being lurking and destroying. Smooth. In addition, the cashmere products should be washed in time with stains.

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